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Anderol® 555 Synthetic Di-Ester Oil, 1 Liter
Anderol® 555 Synthetic Di-Ester Oil, 1 Liter
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Oil for pre-vacuum pumps.
Anderol® 555 is technical direct comparable with:
Pfeiffer® D1
Busch® VE101
Leybold® Anderol 555
Adixen A155

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Item no.: ANDEROL555-1L

ANDEROL 555 is an ISO 100 di-ester based synthetic compressor and forepump lubricant specifically designed to provide longterm lubrication.
ANDEROL synthetic lubricants are the only long-life synthetic lubricants with over 20 years of successful performance. They are field tested, approved or recommended by most major compressor and forepump manufacturers.

• No metallic additives to interfere with catalytic processes
• Fewer oil changes
• Lower oil consumption
• Reduces maintenance
• Eliminates lacquering and deposits
• Greatly reduces fire and explosion hazard
• Reduces energy consumption
• Separates water condensate rapidly 

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