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Input voltage: 268 - 276 V
Input frequency: 50 Hz ±3%
Output voltage: 208 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V (selectable)
Output frequency: Automatic adjustment by the UPS system
Power: 1000 VA 700W
Power factor: 0.98
Overload behaviour: 100 - 125 % for 60 sec / 125 - 150 % for 10 sec
Efficiency AC to AC: 88 - 98 % depending on operating mode
Classification: VFI-SS-111 acc. to IEC 62040-3

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Item no.: 1118406

USV systems of the JOVYTEC PNT type series were specially developed for the maritime sector to secure the power supply on ships.
Systems of this series are suitable for the supply of smaller power ranges and consumers on yachts or passenger ships. JOVYTEC PNT USV systems are available with output powers of 1000, 1500, 2000 or 3000 kVA.
The JOVYTEC P NT 1 kVA, 1.5 kVA and 2 kVA USV systems have been type tested by DNVGL and Bureau Veritas and comply with the standards: Product standard IEC / EN 60945 and IACS Type Test, specification E10. All USV systems of this series meet the requirements of the highest protection class VFI-SS-111 due to their online double conversion technology. The USV systems have a diagnostic test system that is activated every time the USV systems are started, a power-dependent fan control and an active power factor correction (PFC) that ensures sinusoidal current consumption.
UPS systems of the JOVYTEC PNT series constantly supply the connected loads with a fixed frequency. The input frequency can be between 45 and 65 Hz. The clear and user-friendly operating and display panel allows the following operating modes to be selected: online mode, green mode, freewheel mode, generator mode. In online mode according to VFI-SS-111, the consumer is permanently supplied via the inverter. The inverter supplies a sinusoidal voltage of the highest quality. For the loads, there is no interruption in the supply even in the event of a power failure. The batteries of the JOVYTEC PNT systems can be easily replaced from the front of the unit. Only a few simple steps are required and the complete battery cassette can be changed during operation.

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