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MasCom GC-APPI Interface for Q Exactive and
MasCom GC-APPI Interface for Q Exactive and

GC-APPI Interface for Q Exactive and Exactive Plus
for use of GC from right side
for running GC samples
without optional Tx-Line and without optional GC
Interface complete with:
- Safety interlock switch
- APPI Photomate lamp
- Soft ionization with 10.6 eV
- Quick connection fits to IonMax mount
- clamp-ring connector for optional dopant gas
- Gas purifier system for make-up gas
- Triple filter for gas purifier system
- Ion source block heating up to 325 deg. C
- Full Xcalibur control with use of Trace 1310 GC

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Item no.: MC511000


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