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SGT Super Clean Triple Filter(A0950-R1600)
SGT Super Clean Triple Filter(A0950-R1600)

Triple combination of Oxygen - Moisture - Hydrocarbon adsorbents - SGT-F0301replaces also
Agilent #5182-9705
Restek # 22020
Supelco# Su861026
Thermo(Hypersil)# 60180-824

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Item no.: F0301

In order to totally purify the carrier gas (remove hydrocarbons, moisture and Oxygen) using only 1 filter!, the Super-Clean Triple Filter was designed. This? 3-in-1 filter is the only fully glass/metal filter capable of purifying GC gases for all major pollutants to <0,1ppm with visual indicators for Oxygen as well as Moisture. Has been designed specially for GC-MS systems.  

Total capacity: 1,8 grams of water,  500 ml of  oxygen.
Effectivity: <=0,1ppm at a flow of 2 L/min.
Helium leak rate: 1x10-8 mbar L/sec.
Max. supply pressure: 11 bar

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