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GC-APPI source for LC-MS Instruments

Connect your GC to your LC-MS system - with our GC-APPI source.
Multiplier MC-17A
Original Spare Part

Original multiplier MC-17A for ThermoFisher mass spectrometer DFS and MAT90/95/95S/95XL/95XP/900, replaces Thermo part# 0704230 and 1090010
Thermo Scientific Exactive
Benchtop Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Refurbished ThermoFisher Sientific high resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometer for LC-MS

Manufacturer Price Lists

Here you find other manufacturer price lists as pdf_files. We try to keep them updated but we cannot guarantee that all prices are correct.

Price lists of different manufacturer:
GS-Tek price list
Hamilton price list
ILS price list
Restek price list
Rheodyne price list
SGE price list
Upchurch price list
Vici Jour price list
Vici Valco price list

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