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Multiplier MC-17A
Original Spare Part

Original multiplier MC-17A for ThermoFisher mass spectrometer DFS and MAT90/95/95S/95XL/95XP/900, replaces Thermo part# 0704230 and 1090010
Thermo Scientific Exactive
Benchtop Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Refurbished ThermoFisher Sientific high resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometer for LC-MS
GC-APPI source for LC-MS Instruments

Connect your GC to your LC-MS system - with our GC-APPI source.

MasCom Technologies GmbH - T&C

The General Terms and Conditions of Supply of MasCom Technologies GmbH (the supplier) form an integral part of any contracts for supply and other performances concluded with its contracting partners (the customer). We do not accept any terms and conditions on the part of the customer which deviate from these.

I. Scope of delivery and performance
1. The scope of delivery and performance derive from the mutual declarations made in writing by supplier and customer. If a contract has been concluded, without such mutual declarations having been written down, then either the written confirmation of order from the supplier or, if one has not been issued, the written order of the customer is definitive.
2. Offers are without engagement Documents associated with the offer, such as pictures, drawings and data on weights, are authoritative to a limited extent unless expressly designated as binding. The supplier reserves unlimited rights of ownership and exploitation of copyright in respect of cost estimates, drawings and other documents; these may only be made accessible to third parties with the prior consent of the supplier. Drawings and other documents attached to offers must be returned to the supplier on request if the order is not granted.
3.Side agreements must be in writing to obtain effect.
4.Special agreements have precedence over these General Terms and Conditions; this applies in particular to delivery items involving complex technology and to new product developments. In the case of special agreements, these General Terms and Conditions remain applicable, provided that no contradiction ensues.
II. Prices
We always try to keep the prices in our online shop up-to-date. Nevertheless, they are subject to change if our vendor does increase their prices. If that happens, we will inform you before processing your order.
1. Prices are quoted ex works, exclusive of packing and insurance.
2. Within Germany and the EU we have a minimum order value of 20 Euro. Outside of the EU the minimum order value is 100 Euro. Orders below the minimum order value are subject to an additional fee (difference to the minimum order value).
3. For payment by credit card a fee of 3% will added to the total amount due.
4. The customer shall bear all taxes, duties, fees as well as import and export levies that arise.
5. The customer shall bear the costs for delivery and installation of the equipment by MasCom, and for the instruction of operators. The costs for such services are invoiced in accordance with our price list for services.

III. Retention of title
The goods shall remain the property of the supplier until full settlement of all claims against the customer arising from the business relationship. The customer is prohibited from pledging the goods or transferring ownership of them as collateral prior to full settlement, and resale is only permitted to resellers in their normal business operations under the proviso that the reseller receives payment from his customers.

IV. Terms of payment
1. Payments shall be made in Euro without deductions to the paying agent of the supplier.
2. Payments must be made within 30 days, free of deductions, unless expressly agreed otherwise. In the case of partial deliveries, the entire invoice amount for the partial delivery must be paid without deductions within 30 days.
3. If payment is not made within the specified term, we are entitled to charge a collection fee as from the first reminder, and subsequently to charge interest to the amount of the bank interest incurred by ourselves, and to withhold any further deliveries until receipt of payment.
4. The customer may not set-off payments against counter-claims unless the latter are undisputed or have been determined as final and absolute by a court of law.

V. Term of delivery and performance
1. The mutual written declarations are definitive for the term of delivery and performance. Article 1 (1) sentence 2 shall apply accordingly. Compliance with the term of delivery is conditional on timely receipt of all items to be provided by the customer, such as the requisite approvals and clearances, timely clarification and approval of plans, compliance with the agreed terms of payment and other obligations. If these conditions are not met within the stipulated period, a reasonable period of grace shall be granted.
2. The term of delivery or performance is deemed as met if the consignment of operational goods is cleared for dispatch or collected within the agreed term. If delivery is delayed for reasons that the customer is responsible for, then the term shall be deemed as complied with if notification has been made within the agreed term that the goods are ready for dispatch or if collection has been made.
If non-compliance with the term for deliveries or performance is demonstrably due to mobilisation, war, civil unrest, strike, lock-out or unforeseen hindrances, a reasonable extension of term shall be granted.
VI. Transfer of risk
Risk is transferred to the customer, even when freight-paid delivery has been agreed:
when the consignment of operational goods has been dispatched or ollected. Greatest care shall be exercised when packing the goods.

VII. Liability for defects
A. The supplier bears liability for defects as follows, whereby the absence of guaranteed properties shall also be considered as a defect:
1. All parts or performances shall, at the customer?s discretion, be remedied free of charge, re-supplied or re-performed if, within six months of the day on which risk is transferred and regardless of operational hours, they become unusable or if their usability is substantially impaired as a result of circumstances which arose prior to the transfer of risk, in particular faulty design, poor materials or defective construction. The establishment of such defects must be notified to the supplier in writing without delay.
2. The customer must comply with the contractual obligations on his part, in particular the agreed terms of payment. If a complaint is made about defects, payments may be withheld by the customer provided that the amounts are in a reasonable and appropriate proportion to the defects in question. However, if the contract forms part of his commercial undertakings, then the customer may only withhold payment if there can be no doubt whatsoever about the defects notified in the claim.
3. The customer shall grant the supplier the time and the opportunity that may be reasonably required to remedy the defects. If he refuses to do so, the supplier is released from liability for the defects.
4. If the supplier allows a period of grace to expire without having remedied the defect, the customer may request reversal of the contract (redhibitory action) without reduction in purchase price.
5. The customers right to assert claims for defects shall be barred by limitation in any case after twelve months have elapsed since notification of defect. If the parties fail to reach agreement within this period, then supplier and customer may agree on an extension to this period of limitation.
6. Liability for defects does not cover natural wear and tear or accumulated dust and dirt, nor damages that occur subsequent to the transfer of risk as a result of incorrect or negligent handling, excessive use, inappropriate operating materials, defects in building construction, unsuitable building land and chemical, electrochemical or electrical effects that are not covered explicitly by the contract.
7. No liability shall be accepted for damage or other consequences resulting from the customer or third parties making changes to or performing maintenance work on the equipment in an improper manner.
8. The provisions relating to warranty periods in items 1 and 5 above shall not apply if the law prescribes longer terms.
9. Any claims for additional damages on the part of the customer against the supplier and persons in his employ are excluded, in particular any damages that did not involve the delivery item itself. This shall not apply if liability is mandatory due to deliberate action, gross negligence or absence of guaranteed properties.
B. The following warranty is provided for repair orders:
1. The warranty period for repair orders is 3 months and for repair/exchange parts 6 months. The warranty covers only the repairs actually carried out and the materials assembled. No warranty is provided for repairs carried out by external service mechanics if the normal factory inspection of the repaired item is not possible. The repair may be carried out at the factory instead at the customer?s request.
2. No warranty is provided for repairs carried out at the factory, except in cases where the same defect arises and the customer notifies us without delay.
3. Entitlement to warranty claims extinguishes if the customer or third parties interfere with the repair item without the consent of the supplier.

VIII. Place of jurisdiction
1.The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Bremen.
2. The contractual relations are governed exclusively by the laws of Germany, with the exception of the Uniform Law on the International Sale of Goods and the Uniform Law on the Formation of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

IX. Escape clause
Legal invalidity of single provisions of the contract does not render the contract as a whole invalid; the remaining provisions of the contract shall remain binding on the parties. This principle shall not apply if insistence on the terms of the contract would involve unacceptable hardship for either of the parties.

MasCom Technologies T&C (2018)

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