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Edwards Ultragrade 19 Forevacuum Pump Oil, 4L
Edwards Ultragrade 19 Forevacuum Pump Oil, 4L
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Oil for pre-vacuum pumps.
Oil with low viscosity for all standard applications with middle and big size Edward pumps, eg RV-Series and E1/2M18-28.

Unit: Stück

Item no.: H110-25-013


Vapor Pressure @ 20 deg C: 1 x10-8 mbar

Ultragrade 19
BOC Edwards oils, Ultragrade® 15 and 19 result from a new process which eliminates nitrogen, sulphur, oxygen and the aromatic hydrocarbons, leaving a clear base stock essentially free of impurities. When combined with additives, the Ultragrade® oils give improved vacuum performance, thermal and oxidation stability and rust inhibition. The anti-oxidants included in the oils enable the pump to withstand high operating temperatures without oil degradation, so extending intervals between oil changes.
The properties of the oils allow them to be used in a wide range of applications.

Viscosity @ 20 deg C: 143.7 mm²/s (cst)

Viscosity @ 40 deg C: 48.6 mm²/s (cst)

Pour Point: -16 deg C

Flash Point: 230 deg C

Fire Point: 355 deg C

Density: 0.86 g/ml


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