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ThermoFinnigan MAT95XL/XP
High Resolution Mass Spectrometer

ThermoFinnigan MAT95XL/XP high performance mass spectrometer with GC 6890, GC PAL autosampler und Xcalibur 2.0. Fully tested with installation and 1 year warranty.
Multiplier MC-17A
Original Spare Part

Original multiplier MC-17A for ThermoFisher mass spectrometer DFS and MAT90/95/95S/95XL/95XP/900, replaces Thermo part# 0704230 and 1090010
Thermo Scientific Exactive
Benchtop Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Refurbished ThermoFisher Sientific high resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometer for LC-MS

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GC-MS with my Orbitrap? - Yes!
MasCom's GC-APPI Interface for LTQ Orbitrap MS, Q Exactive, and Fusion MS systems!
Standard and special pump oils
For most forevacuum pumos we have the right oils avaiable
New MCP and Multiplier Guide
We offer wide range of OEM and original SEMs, Channeltrons and MCPs for mass spectrometers.

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